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Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest 2011

It was definitely a night to remember! Great speeches by the contestants, had us laughing from beginning to the end. In both categories, they delivered their best and all definitely deserved a good round of applause.

For the Humorous speech category, the first contestant was Andrew Ng, with his speech titled “SMS Rip-off”. He reminded us not to be fooled by the attractive prizes offered via SMS and fall victim to such scams. Brenda Loo was next with her speech “Simply complicated”. She entertained us with her stories and experiences of her simply complicated life as a woman. Teo Soo Loon was the final contestant. He delivered a remarkably entertaining speech, titled “The 3 Lessons”, and shared his experiences of changing his physique with body building, in order to attract the opposite sex, only to realize that the right muscle was not developed – the tongue!

In the Evaluation category, test speaker, Zoe Lo (from Help University Toastmasters), delivered her speech, titled “A day when everything went wrong”. Loon was up first and he gave an entertaining evaluation, which was candid and encouraging. In Andrew’s evaluation, he supported the many good points in her speech and suggested some improvements. Brenda was the final contestant, and also delivered a reassuring evaluation of Zoe’s speech and suggested a better selection of props to use.

And, the results…

Humorous Speech Category

Winner: Teo Soo Loon    

Runner-up: Brenda Loo

Evaluation Category

Winner: Teo Soo Loon    

Runner-up: Brenda Loo


The evening ended with certificates of appreciation handed out to all the role-players, followed by prizes presented to the winner and runner-up.

A big THANK YOU to all who made this event a success!

Chief judge: Kimmy Foo (& all the anonymous judges)

Contest chairs: Boby Auliaputra (Humorous Speech Category); Suhaida Yaacob (Evaluation Category)

Timer-keepers: Grace Loh (KPMG), Chan Hoey Teng

Ballot counters: Ling Sim Moi (KPMG), Janice Chia (KPMG)

SAA: Mohd. Yusaimir, Sivadass (Friendship)

Photographer: Chee Yoong

Photos from the event:

The Winner & Runner up - showing their humorous side


Let's eat


Boby and Amir greeting Area W3 Governor Kimmy


Our time-keepers


Chief Judge Kimmy Foo whispering the results to Evaluation Contest Chair Suhaida

we were indeed humoured


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International Speech & Table Topics Contest 2011

22 February, 2011

Despite the heavy downpour and typical KL traffic jam, guests started arriving before 7pm. Early as always, Chief Judge for the contest, Cheong Kuok Sum, was the first to arrive. As usual, a dinner-cum-networking session casually kicked off the event. Briefings for the judges and contestants were soon in session; as a few last minute entries were submitted. A welcomed surprise indeed!.

 The event officially commenced at 7.45pm, as Contest Chair Lai Chee Yoong kicked off the International Speech Contest. First up, Yeow Yuen Kai’s speech, titled “Never give up”, was an emotional tale of his recent encounter with his cousin, who is battling cancer. There are those who are fighting for their lives, yet there are many cases of youths announcing their own “Judgement Day” and committing suicides. His key message was to not give up and life is indeed precious. Second speaker was Andrew Ng, who firmly sent the message “Make love, not baby” in his speech on pre-marital sex, children borne out of wedlock and the murderous crime of abandoning babies. Loon was next, with his speech “Just do it”, in which he exemplified his experience of preparing for this contest as a built-up constipation. His delivery brought rounds of laughter in the audience as he spoke of the 3 Devils, urging him to fear, be unprepared and to procrastinate.

Contestants in serious preparation

After a short break, Chee Yoong proceeded to conduct the Table Topics Contest. In this impromptu session, the contestants were asked to speak on “Who we were, will not influence who we can be.” This time, Andrew was the first speaker, followed by Loon and Yuen Kai. All speakers delivered their table topic speeches within the allotted time of 1.5 to 2.5 minutes.

While results were tabulated, Certificates of Appreciations were handed out to the contestants and role players. The role players were timers (N. Renganathan & M. Sivadas), ballot counters (Hoey Teng & Kasey) and the Chief Judge (Cheong Kuok Sum). A big thank you to all the role players!

Results were announced and Teo Soo Loon was the clear winner in both contests. Yuen Kai was announced 1st runner up in both contests Congratulations, Loon & Yuen Kai! Loon will be participating in the next level, the Area W3 contest, which will be held at Exact ADC on March 3rd, 2011. 

 The evening ended with a round of photography session. A big thank you to all who came for this event!


Loon - Receiving his award from our Club Mentor

Yuen Kai - Receiving his award from Rengan




Contest Chair congratulates the Winner



Familiar face?

Guests & Members

Guests: N. Renganathan, Cheong Kuok Sum, Gen Teong Hock, Lee Su Jane, Abdul Rahman Shah, Lim Lay Kun, Sin Siew Fun, Teoh Chun Meng, M. Sivadas, Amir

Club members: Loon, Brenda, Kasey, Chee Yoong, Andrew, Yuen Kai, Hoey Teng, Boby



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Message from the President

Welcome to Exact ADC Toastmasters Club blog! Our club is launching this blog to share with you who we are and what we do. We are a relatively new club (chartered in 2007). We are passionate about the Toastmasters program and strongly believed that this program will lead us to greater heights in personal development.

If you are a Toastmaster, I would like to cordially invite you to attend our meetings and share with us your experience. Mark the dates in your calendar and don’t forget to pay us a visit in the Club with the Million Ringgit View.

Committee 2012/2013

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IP President
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